Boogie board

Yes, we went wave riding last night — a perfect warm night after work and what could be better. Because we have actually had a summer and when that happens we spend a lot of time at the beach the board seemed a great recreational addition. Revisiting your childhood, you may ask …. well, yes,… Continue reading Boogie board

Waikanae lagoons

Today I went for a walk with my friend Brenda around some of the small lagoons near the Waikanae Estuary. There are several trees (many of them macrocarpas) which have been taken over by nesting cormorants in this area, and the photo above (with no sound or movement) doesn’t quite reflect the argy-bargy (as Brenda… Continue reading Waikanae lagoons

Ollie the cat

Here’s Ollie, Ruth’s cat, heading towards me on the very hot sunny day I visited her home garden and cacti and succulent sales area. You’ll note Ruth has all sorts of holding areas for her plants.  Ollie was undeterred by the various obstacles and in fact found a shady sort of spot for himself in… Continue reading Ollie the cat